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Burning Bright

Burning Bright (2379 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Androids, Magic, Past Abuse, Community: smut_fest

Jasper’s creator seeks out affection in all the wrong places.

“I met someone wonderful today,” Alric declared as he marched into the house with a dreamy look in his eyes and handed Jasper his coat. “Lord Auberon. He’s amazing.” Alric spun in place, smiling widely at Jasper. “He’s from up north, in town visiting his cousins. I just…” Alric sighed, that dreamy look seeming even further entrenched on his face. “I think I’m in love.”

If Jasper had eyebrows, he would raise them but he didn’t so he settled for gazing steadily at his creator.

“Oh, shut up,” Alric said with a wave as he turned and stalked towards his study. “It’s real this time. I know it.”

Jasper shook his head as he hung the lord’s coat in the closet. He detoured to the kitchen to make a pot of tea, setting it on the waiting tea tray along with cream and sugar before heading into the study. He set the tray at his lord’s elbow and poured the first cup, sweetening it with copious cream and sugar just how his creator liked it. Alric reached for the cup almost as an afterthought, his mind focused on the newspaper open in front of him. He sipped at the cup and smiled. “This is very good. Thank you, Jasper.”

Jasper nodded in acknowledgement though he doubted Alric saw. His eyes had yet to leave the paper. Jasper waited, lingering, waiting to see if his services were further required.

After several minutes had passed, Alric finally seemed to notice that Jasper was still there and looked up with a start. “I’m all set for the night, thank you.” He set down his cup and patted Jasper on the arm. “Your help, as always, is appreciated.”

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