Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

M/M. Jasper’s creator seeks out affection in all the wrong places.

M/M. Alex always dreamed of finding his mate.

M/M. Elias McAllister is the new recruit to the Wild Moon Company. Only problem is, he’s not a werewolf. He’s something much, much worse.

M/M. The aliens tried to force humanity towards a brighter future, but humans will always find a new thing to hate.

M/M. Alastair arrives on Persea 4 as the first point of contact between the people of Persea 4 and the Allied Planets.

M/M. Oliver wasn’t fond of dealing with pirates, especially when they kidnapped him.

M/M. Honor leads to betrayal, betrayal to death, and the cycle continues anew. Gawain’s love for Bertilak isn’t enough to save him from the Green Knight’s ax, but they have more than one lifetime to try.

M/M. Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cinder who lived as a servant for his wicked stepmother and his cruel stepbrothers.

M/M. Talor came to Aurora for revenge – revenge on the man who stole his money and revenge on his half-brother.

M/M. An experiment goes awry, making Edwin hallucinate about a strange man with snakes.

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