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If you’ve looked at my fiction, both fanfiction and otherwise, you may have noticed that the vast majority of things I write are for other people. I don’t know why, but I’m way more likely to write something if it’s for someone else—if I know it’s something someone wants. I’ve been debating opening up to prompts, it’s just been a question of where since Twitter and Tumblr don’t have very good history features and LiveJournal is pretty much dead.

So, here we are. My prompt page. Open to all.


  1. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to fulfill every prompt, nor do I promise to do anything in a timely manner. Consider this a wishlist of things for me to write, so that when I go “what should I write next,” this is top of mind.
  2. Prompts can be for fanfic, original fiction, or even sequels/additions to previously posted/published works.
  3. There are fandoms and pairings that just don’t interest me. If it’s something I’ve written or rec’d, there’s a good chance I’m interested. If it’s outside of those realms but you want it, ask anyways. The worst thing that will happen is I’ll say “no, that’s not my cup of tea”. Or it could be “I don’t know the source, but once I have a chance to check it out, I’ll get back to you.”
  4. If you’re picky about who’s top and who’s bottom (like I am), specify. I generally only write Stiles and Xander as bottoms.
  5. I have very few hard limits of things I won’t write. Everything else is fair game.
    1. No drugs, recreational or otherwise.
    2. No people dying of cancer.
    3. No bodily fluids (scat and golden showers primarily).
    4. No sex with characters younger than 16.
  6. No character bashing.
  7. I reserve the right to add more rules in the future.

Now that that’s over, feel free to comment with anything you want.

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31 Replies to “Prompt Me”

  1. Prompt: Spy AU Matsuoka Rin X Nanase Haruka from Free!. Reversible pairing will make me extra happy, but if you want either to be the dominant one, I’m not picky. Near-death situation(s) will be a plus. I prefer Rin and Haru to come from two rivaling spy organizations and compete to accomplish the same mission. Or they can be in a totally opposite mission, as in one is assigned to protect, while the other should destroy. Your decision. Many thanks.

  2. Prompt: Original Fiction – A small family of Werefox and their Omega male son move into Werewolf Territory. The Omega Werefox is bullied by the Werewolves. The Werewolves ‘gift’ the Omega werefox (without the families consent) to a rival Werewolf pack for a peace treaty, Trade possibilities and a few of the rival packs’ Omega Werewolves for breeding. Will the rival pack be any different for the Omega Werefox or do they just want to pump a Werefox full of Werewolf/Werefox pups/Kits…

  3. Prompt: fluffy Peter/Stiles/Derek, please!
    Peter loves them a lot and makes breakfast for them and stuff. The 3 of them are in their own world. I just want some fluff. XD thanks in advance!

  4. Prompt: Derek/Stiles Canon Divergence

    Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after 4 years or so and Stiles has finished uni. Derek is has a little werewolf son who freaks/wolf’s out sometimes when is being babysat by various pack members and the only way he calms down is if he scents Stiles, he does this a few times and them he does it when Derek is around and Derek sort of has a small freak out.

    This has been sitting in my head for ages but i’m not a writer, so if you can do something with this I will be forever grateful!!

  5. Prompt: For another story is your Red String Verse. Peter/Stiles. Stiles seems very chill, and I love it. He knows so much, while still so young, but we only see him interact with good things, really. He has to know about some of the darker things out there, and he’s just a kid, so he has to get scared, too. I’m curious about what would happen if Stiles lost control? Like, if he had a nightmare, or something caused him a great deal of stree, or if he got sick. You know?

  6. From witchravenfox on tumblr:
    could you please write a poly Derek/Stiles/Braeden with soulmates thrown in? It could have a primary couple finding their third, and one of them not really knowing how to handle this new dynamic. Usually I see Derek and Braeden as the primary in this poly, and Stiles being brought in… but I’d love that see what you do.

  7. I did not realize you were accepting prompts! Please write that Sterek/Hannibal crossover I reblogged from you? Copy pasta for your records:

    jooleah: “HANNIBAL AU | Stiles Stilinski has a unique way of thinking and can empathize with anyone, making it easy to figure out how killers think. Growing up with a father in law enforcement only helped nurture his gift. After Laura Hale’s body is found, Derek Hale is arrested and charged for her murder. Stiles knows there’s more to the case, so he puts his mind to finding the real killer. What he ends up discovering is so much stranger than he ever could have expected.”

    Your awesome self: “But, like, what if instead of an AU, it’s a crossover and so Will’s retired from the FBI but Rafael McCall recognizes in Stiles the same thing Will was rumored for and so Will shows up to creep on Stiles/mentor him and Hannibal follows him because murder boyfriends.”

  8. Also, the way this is organized, I figured you’d prefer one prompt per comment. Here’s another awesome tumblr post that would make a great prompt with Sterek! I can totally imagine Stiles as the informant.

    From swingsetindecember:

    where an international spy gets the wrong intel and strikes up a conversation with an informant but it turns out the other person is just normal. they aren’t a spy, they’re just having a coffee when this well dressed stranger quoted some pop culture reference and they couldn’t help but answer because like, it was so obvious

    now the spy weekly talks shop while the normal person relates

    “almost died last week”

    “tell me about it, the new management is terrible”

  9. Prompt: Stiles discovers how Issac father is treating him, and Call his father, the other SOB is arrested on the spot, after Issac is taken to the hospital, Stiles visits him, they become very good friends, and Issac goes living with Stiles and his father after Issac becomes a werewolf , he finds his anchor with Stiles , And Scott also when he becomes a werewolf .

  10. Oh gosh, I didn’t know you took prompts! If it’s okay, I’d love to see a sequel to your Nuada/John Meyers fic “Missing Link”!

  11. i would like to suggest a prompt , teen wolf in which Scott finds his anchor Stiles since the beginning after he is bitten by Peter

  12. Prompt: Chad/ ichigo

    Chad and ichigo visit the soul society after everyone has heard about there relationship to find the woman’s association has really started a fan club. And e eryone else’s reactions.

  13. From ZielAelycia on

    “could you make a Kakashi/Iruka story with the Unseelie/Seelie world? Like Gaelic fairies, you know? With Kakashi of the dark faeries/Unseelie, and Iruka of the Seelie?”

  14. From wr on AO3:

    “Would you write a story where nick or Sean wake up in their season 1 body with his future memories?
    They get together.”

  15. Prompt, Teen Wolf
    I almost always see Peter Hale written as a lawyer, pre-fire. I just think it would be funny to read a fic where he was a kindergarten teacher and after he recovers and goes back to his job, the pack is shocked and horrified, but children just love him.

  16. well, my prompt , is , well Stiles is feeling neglected by Scott , ever since he became a werewolf , first it was because of Allison, then ,it was the pack , Stiles goes to Scott house , opens with his key , goes to scott room , And Discovers Scott , Isaac , Jackson, Boyd ,Peter, Derek , all but naked , stroking each other their long and thick cocks , Stiles just explodes , Calling Scott all kinds of names ,how a Shiity best friend he has been , always neglecting him, even when Gerard kidnapped him,and beat the hell out of Stiles, neither Scott or the others went to rescue him. ,he stars thinking about his room ,and suddenly he aparates there . he discovers about his magic ,when he talks with Maybe Harry Potter , who meanwhile as installed himself in Beacon hills.

  17. Hiii theeereee

    Can I request for a fic where magic gone wrong and there is multiples of Dereks. And Stiles got screwed by them. Bottom Stiles! Thank you! <3 and have a great day ahead~

  18. From a comment on Liar’s Game on AO3: I just wish you could write another one where Liz is invited to watch and give those pointers to John. Maybe with Hellboy being slightly confused, unsure, and worried, but still very VERY turned on by having his two favourite people with him during sexy times. Liz could also bring her camera and use those photography skills to get some erotic shots of those men.

  19. From thefujoshi’s comment on Dastardly By Design on AO3: it’d be cool to have a sequel where another Alpha who’s safe, sane, and all about consent courts Stiles and proclaims his love for Stiles. And shits on Peter for his manipulating ways and how he only wanted Stiles because he saw him as an object he could take away from Derek. It’d be so awesome to see Stiles admitting that yes, that happened and it hurt and he will never be able to trust Peter fully or something like that. And Peter hears it all, actually regrets his actions, and try to be better. Meanwhile, Stiles struggles between going with someone who’s good for him or someone he loves but is/can be toxic and abusive.

  20. From ArwenOak’s comment on Saving the World, One Bad Guy at a Time: I’d like to read the story of how Stiles, Lucy & Matt decided to make the ‘live fire’ exercises more realistic with homemade teach their fellow students the fine art of ‘duck & cover’ properly. *G*

    And just who would Coulson send in as an instructor? I’m not sure who’d liven things up more, the new generation or the SHIELD agent! Any guest lecturers? Would Matt try & hack Jarvis if Tony Stark came in as Iron Man?

  21. Hey! I would love a sequel to your Hannibal fanfic ‘Chine’ where Will makes it his mission to make Hannibal’s “restraints fall away” (as mentioned in the fic). Top Hannibal, please. Thanks a lot! You’re a brilliant writer.

  22. Hi Gryvon! I don’t knkw if you still write but I’d figured I give it a shot. I find myself reading the vampire redux of Kiterie’s story often. It’s one of my favorites. I was wondering if you could maybe write a sequel or companion piece ? Maybe write about what Iruka’s last moments feel like before his will is completely susummed by the bond. Or something like that. Thanks for all your prior work. You were one of the first authors I read when I got into fanfiction!

  23. Hey!
    I don’t know if you still write, but I would live to have sequel to your Nuada/John story, Misding link.
    But pretty much any other story on that paring would be great, as long as it has happy ending.

  24. Sterek AU: Stiles is a werecreature -Your choice, preferably not a wolf or if so, with additional forms added to that- and can’t tell the pack due to hunters that killed his mother. Stuck in the basement when Gerard kidnaps him, Erica, and Boyd, his ex, close friend, and anchor senses his distress and comes to rescue him. The OC can be whatever you want, as long as he’s a BAMF and overly protective of Stiles. Stiles is rescued by him, and after making sure he’ll hold up until he brings him to his house, he frees Erica and Boyd. Before they can demand answers and check on Stiles, he’s manhandled by his ex and then he disappears. Erica and Boyd return to Derek and tell him everything. Ft. Jealous Derek, a complete pack including Scott and Allison, A Stiles learning to trust again with his anchor and closest friend behind him, and a smutty ending with a possessive Derek (Top Derek/ Bottom Stiles). I would love it if the OC would bring out a whole new side of Stiles that the pack hasn’t seen before. Maybe he’s more playful and flirty with his ex and more free and happy in general. When his ex joins him at school with a matching schedule and Stiles misses pack meetings to reconnect with his shift(s), that’s when the pack starts to notice and where Derek realises his attraction and that his mate is Stiles. The pack also realized how they took Stiles for granted, but it won’t be easy getting him back since his ex is trying to get him to leave the state with him. It would be amazing if the ex also joined the pack at the end and he and Derek have a love hate relationship where they are both possessive of Stiles. Thank you! I really think this would be a great hit! Honestly, make it as long as you can because I just love a lot of details and seeing how the story progresses!

  25. Hi.
    I would love it if you would write more in the Dresden universe.
    A continuation of your previous story would be great.
    Anything with with Dresden/Marcone. Adding Hendricks or Kincaid is fine too. Before he becomes Winters knight or an alternative where Marcone takes him on and saves him instead would be great.
    Thank you for even considering my request.

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