Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

The Hales are famous. Their emissary is infamous. The Hales are one of the oldest and largest packs in North America, so it logically follows that their emissary would be equally as famous. Every hunter and supernatural on the continent knows not to cross the Hale emissary, but very few know who the Hales’ emissary is or what they look like. The ones who’ve survived meeting the emissary all say the same thing. “You wouldn’t believe me.”

M/M. Jasper’s creator seeks out affection in all the wrong places.

M/M, M/M/F. Paul finds a black dog in the woods. It stays longer than he expects.

M/M. Elias McAllister is the new recruit to the Wild Moon Company. Only problem is, he’s not a werewolf. He’s something much, much worse.

M/M. An experiment goes awry, making Edwin hallucinate about a strange man with snakes.

M/M. When the private investigator sent to check on his brother returns his check and won’t answer calls, Brian returns home to find a strange man that can change shapes has taken his place.

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