Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Gwen knows Merlin’s secret and so does Arthur.

Uther’s crusade against magic in Camelot sparks a shift in the balance of magic in the world.

Merlin’s life comes crashing to an end when Arthur dies unexpectedly, bringing their destinies to a halt. Destiny draws them together again and Merlin finds Arthur once more in the modern world, but he’s not the only one who remembers the past.

A magician’s plot leaves Merlin far from home with no memory.

After Nimueh wreaks her revenge on Camelot, the rest of the world is left plagued with monsters. Merlin and the few survivors from Camelot attempt to survive in a world where there is little food and few but sorcerers can walk through the earth unmolested.

Gwen hangs mistletoe in Arthur’s room to inspire the boys.

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