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Tabula Rasa (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)

Tabula Rasa (6111 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur Pendragon/Merlin
Characters: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin
Additional Tags: Community: rounds_of_kink, Amnesia

A magician’s plot leaves Merlin far from home with no memory.

Edwin slowly crept forward on the branch, sliding along on his belly until he was in position to reach another apple. A lock of his messy black hair fell forward into his face as he reached for the next apple along the branch. He cursed softly and stopped to tuck his hair back behind one large ear before reaching forward again. The next apple along the branch was just out of his reach, barely an inch or two away from his stretched fingers. If he stretched a bit more, maybe he could reach it without falling off. He tightened his legs around the branch and grabbed onto one of the smaller off-shooting branches before reaching for it again, the upper half of his body dangling precariously in open air.


Granny Alrys’s shrill shout made Edwin jump. He squawked in alarm as he lost his grip and ended up upside down, his gangly limbs clutched frantically at the branch to keep from falling. Apples fell from the tree like rain and bounced off the hard ground nearly a full story below.

The old woman toddled over to stand beneath the tree. “What on earth are you doing?”

Edwin looked down at the ground and then over at Granny. “I don’t rightly know.”

Her face wrinkled into a smile and she waved at him dismissively. “Boys,” she said with a chuckle. “Well, when you’re done there I need help with the washing up.”

“Right.” Carefully, Edwin unwound his legs from around the branch and lowered himself until he was hanging from his hands alone. Closing his eyes, he let himself drop. The impact was lighter than he’d expected. He landed softly on the ground below, slightly delayed from when he expected to. “Right, Granny, let me just…” His voice trailed off as he glanced over at the basket. It was fuller than he remembered it being and the apples that had been scattered along the ground seemed to have disappeared.

“Are you coming?” Granny waited a short distance down the trail, one hand on her hips.

Edwin glanced once again at the neatly piled apples before quickly fastening the cover over the basket and slinging the strap over his shoulder. “Coming.”

He ran down the path, only glancing back a few times at the strangely bare tree.

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4 Replies to “Tabula Rasa (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)”

  1. I feel that I am Merlin fandom virgin at this point because I never realized that people would write about the tv series. You have “popped my cherry” with this fic (too graphic, maybe? Only metaphor I can come up with my sleep-deprived brain)

    This story made me go “Awwww . . .” at the end. It is very sweet and the reader can really feel how deep their love is for each other. Arthur effectively brought back Merlin’s memories by giving him patience, tenderness, and love.

    Lovely story, thank you!

  2. I really liked this fic. I’m not sure if the glowing blue thing is part of the new season or something you made up, but the premise is very interesting. I hope you consider writing in the Merlin fandom as I’ve really loved this piece and would gladly read anything else you choose to write.

  3. You’re one of my fave KakaIru authors and I’m so happy you’re also writing for the Merlin fandom. I hope you write more Arthur/Merlin 🙂

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