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Revelations (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)

Revelations (1959 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Merlin (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur Pendragon/Merlin, Arthur Pendragon/Gwen
Characters: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Gwen (Merlin)
Additional Tags: Community: kink_bingo

Gwen knows Merlin’s secret and so does Arthur.

“You should tell him.”

Merlin’s heart jumped to his throat, choking off any possible reply. He stared at Gwen and followed her gaze through the window to the same scene – the same man – he’d been staring at. He hadn’t even noticed her joining him, though he was uncertain whether that was a testament to her skill as a chambermaid or his own rapt fascination.

“W-what?” He sputtered, his voice low and rough but working, at least for the moment.

Gwen smiled up at him. “Arthur. You should tell him.”

She knew. Oh, gods, she knew. Guilt twisted in his stomach. His mouth moved on its own, a subconscious bid for self preservation. “Tell him what, exactly? Nothing to tell.” He sounded far calmer than he really felt. Years of practice, he guessed. He’d been lying to his friends for far too long.

The sounds of sparing knights carried in through the open window. Arthur was down there, fighting with Gwaine. For once, someone was giving him a challenge. Merlin liked to watch, hidden away in the higher reaches of the castle where he could see but not be seen and was unlikely to be disturbed. Except for today. It was no surprise t

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One Reply to “Revelations (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)”

  1. That was so so sweet! I liked it! I was almost as nervous as Merlin when he told Arthur about his infatuation… And for a moment I really thought Arthur was going to reject him, but of course he loves Merlin! Who wouldn’t?

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