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Tiny Spaces, Warm Beds (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka)

Tiny Spaces, Warm Beds (6064 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka
Characters: Tsunade (Naruto)
Additional Tags: Community: kakairu_fest, Bodyguard, Sharing a Room

A forgotten mission puts Iruka in danger. Kakashi is assigned to protect him.

Akemi hated working the night shift at the archives. It was so boring. There was no one around and the dark rows of shelving gave her the creeps. Besides, who really cared about paperwork? No one broke into the archives, ever. She should be out with Ritsuko drinking and having fun. Instead, she was stuck here while Ritsuko got to put the moves on Torya. Akemi growled under her breath in frustration. She was so close to hooking up with Torya. She could just feel it.

An echoing clank pulled Akemi’s thoughts away from her handsome chuunin crush. She frowned. No one was supposed to be in here. She moved quietly through the stacks, checking each empty row before moving forward. The overhead lights flickered and cracked. How many times had she asked maintenance to get that fixed?

On the other side of the room, past two dozen shelves of filed mission reports and duty rosters and personnel files, there was a locked door. The clang came again as she approached. Metal struck against metal. Her forehead wrinkled in confusion. It sounded like someone was trying to break down the door, but who would do that?

Her fingers flashed through the beginning steps of the jutsu that would set off the alarms, but she stopped just before completing the last sigil. She stepped out of the shadows into the pool of light in front of the door to the restricted files. There was no one here. Nothing was out of place. She reached forward, stopping with her fingers hovering over the door handle. Pulsing energy tickled her fingers, warning her not to touch. The wards were still in place. Nothing had fallen over. So, what was making that noise?

Pain lanced through her, cutting the breath from her lungs. She couldn’t scream. Her head fell forward and she stared at the blade protruding from the center of her chest. It disappeared, sliding back into her and then out her back. She slumped to her knees.

Alarm. She needed to sound the alarm, but her hands wouldn’t move. Someone had broken in.

She should have gone drinking.

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