Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Kakashi/Iruka. A strange thief has been stealing from the nobles of Konoha. It’s Kakashi’s job to hunt him down.

Kakashi/Iruka. It was an unspoken tradition among the adults of the village that the unattached should make themselves available to returning warriors as a way of easing the stress of war. There was one particular warrior that Iruka hoped to meet.

Kakashi/Iruka. Iruka has lost his kitsune. His search takes him to Beacon Hills where he receives a less-than-warm welcome.

The villagers in Nimura have a story that they like to tell to scare children.

Iruka wakes up married to Kakashi, which wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t broken up five years ago.

A forgotten mission puts Iruka in danger. Kakashi is assigned to protect him.

Kakashi keeps Sei locked in the woods until Sei remembers.

Iruka doesn’t remember Orochimaru kidnapping him. He doesn’t remember being tortured. He doesn’t remember being experimented on.

Iruka’s first mission back in the field turns out to be his last when he gets caught in a dangerous trap. Kakashi gets him back to the village in time to save his life, but not his leg. Now Iruka must cope with the loss of his leg and what that means for his future in Konoha.

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