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Literary Seduction (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka)

Literary Seduction (4412 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka
Characters: Hatake Kakashi, Umino Iruka
Additional Tags: Community: everyfandomfest

Iruka has been getting strange gifts with no name attached, only quotes from an unknown novel.

Iruka arrived at the Academy fifteen minutes late, expecting to find his class in disarray. The halls were unnaturally silent as he ran towards his classroom, giving him early warning that something was off even before he opened the door. Twelve pairs of eyes turned to watch him as he slid open the door. He waited for something to fly at him or fall on him but nothing happened. A few of the girls were smiling at him, their hands over their faces to stifle their giggles.

He tugged absently on his ponytail, momentarily wondering if he’d left his hair down or put his shirt on backwards, but he’d been certain that he’d double-checked everything before leaving his house. He looked up, but there was nothing on the ceiling. Then he turned and saw what had his students so confused.

There was a small crystal vase in the center of his desk, filled with an arrangement of red carnations, daisies, and tulips. Iruka dropped his satchel on the desk and stared at his students. Their expressions where a mixture of curiosity and excitement, though none of them displayed the sort of guilt or embarrassment that would have led him to believe that a student had put them there.

A small white card lay partially hidden among the flowers. Iruka flipped it open with one hand. There was a single line was written inside in sprawling, thin script.

“Love comes in springtime, blooming across the countryside and in the hearts of the young.”

Iruka moved the flowers to the corner of his desk and put them out of mind while he started the day’s lesson.

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