1. I adore this! It was an original concept for a fix it, the characters were so very true, and I just couldn’t stop reading. Jack’s reaction to Ianto, and Ianto’s to him was just perfect. That scene was just so beautifully written, the emotion of them coming back together made me cry. Great job! Definitely one to favourite!

  2. This was lovely. You wrote a wonderful fixit without ignoring or breaking canon. The reunion scene was especially touching. Very nicely done, everyone stayed in character, their voices all rang true!

  3. Compelling, and I like the way the “Monkey’s Paw” condition was met.

  4. Dawwwwwww dude!! this was adorable!! I hate you for writting so well! >_<

  5. A great story.
    Your characterizations were spot on and I adored your version of Ianto.

  6. Awesome! You did a really good job at developing Ianto, and I always like an appearance from the Doctor. I love how you wrote Gwen, too.
    My only criticism is that it ended too swiftly. Everything was too neatly wrapped up for me; I hope you write some more fics in this series!

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