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Missing Link (Hellboy, Nuada/Myers)

Missing Link (18036 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hellboy (movie-verse)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Nuada/John Myers
Characters: Nuada (Hellboy), John Myers
Additional Tags: Yuletide 2010

When John Myers heard he was being transferred to Antarctica, he’d expected penguins, snow, and cold so deep he could feel it in his bones. Instead, he got a jungle paradise filled with monsters, strange ruins from a lost culture, and a surly elf determined to kill him and every other human on the base the instant he lets his guard down. He would have preferred the cold.

John Myers patted his vest, triple-checking that everything was in place. He checked the time on his watch. Five minutes from the last time he’d checked, but that was all he needed. He pressed a finger to the communicator on his belt. “Blue team checking in. Red team, are we clear?”

There was a loud crackle of static in his ear. He flinched. “Red team clear.” Captain Carlisle Anderson’s voice sounded like it was being filtered through a blender full of rocks and angry cats. “Blue team, advance.”

“You heard the man. Let’s go.” John bent down and hefted one of the many metallic cases scattered through the clearing. The four soldiers left with them formed a perimeter around the science team as they moved up the long stone stairway to the temple’s main entrance.

“Isn’t it so exciting?” Jeannine, the newest addition to the team, walked next to him. Her eyes were huge as she tried to take everything in.

He offered her a small smile. He’d been through enough dirty, empty ruins that the excitement had mostly worn off. At least the view was nice. The temple towered over the surrounding jungle. Each step up the stairs brought more of the valley into view. Trees stretched out in every direction, forming a thick carpet of growth that seemed to fill up the valley, cramming it full of life. A good portion of that life was dangerous. They had no idea how long the valley had been here. Long enough that humans weren’t the top of the food chain.

Strange birds soared lazily overhead. He recognized two of the kinds they’d cataloged so far. One of the soldiers would shoulder their rifle and track the creatures whenever the birds passed nearby but none attempted to bother the humans. The sounds of the jungle formed a comforting sort of background noise. John wasn’t sure what it was about the jungle, but despite the dangers he knew were lurking, he felt comfortable here. The call of birds, the rustle of wind in the canopy, the fragrance of flowers in the air, all felt as much like home to him as baseball and train stations and rustling wheat. The noise faded as they got higher above the canopy, leaving him feeling slightly on edge. When he’d first come here he’d found the constant hoots and animal cries eerie but now, months later, it was like a soothing balm. He’d learned that it was when the sounds stopped that he had to worry.

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