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Shade (3080 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: m/m – Relationship
Additional Tags: Trans Character, Community: smut_fest, Dominance

Shade is used to attracting attention, whether as a male or a female, but there’s only one person remotely resistant to her/his charms.

The inn smelled of unwashed bodies packed in too tight a space. It was filthy and run down, rustic in a way that was an insult rather than a complement. Obviously whatever coin the owner made wasn’t going to upkeep. Shade wrinkled her nose and glared at Alric. Seriously? You chose this place? I would have rather slept in the woods.

Alric ignored her, as usual, and pushed through the crowd towards the innkeeper. His rapidly growing annoyance filtered through their bond, though it was muted. For a change, his temper wasn’t directed at her. The eyes of almost every man – and there were only men – in the room were on her as she followed Alric through the inn and Alric hated it. She closed her eyes briefly, savoring their lust and desire as it flowed around them, invisible save to one of her considerable talents. It felt so good to be wanted. It would be so easy to take that want and make it her own, twist it into something more, something darker. She almost reached out to touch their minds but a stern glance from Alric stopped her.

Even Alric’s considerable bulk wasn’t enough to deter more than a few of them from watching her. These were bold men. Bold, and stupid. Not a single one of them noticed the ornate silver collar around Shade’s neck.

It’s cute how they all think they want me. Shade smirked. You should hear what they’re thinking. It’s positively scandalous.

Alric frowned and banged on the bar to get the innkeeper’s attention. The innkeeper turned, glanced once at Alric before noticing Shade behind him. His eyes widened. He leered. She smiled sweetly back. In his head, he was picturing all the things he would do to her, the many ways he wanted to have her. He was perhaps the dumbest of them all.

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One Reply to “Shade”

  1. The traveling epidemic of orgies…

    Really enjoyed this! Shade was an endearing character, eager and sultry and without boundaries (of his own making at least).

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