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Yotsuba & Close Friends (Yotsuba&!, Jumbo/Koiwai)

Yotsuba & Close Friends (1389 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yotsuba to! | Yotsuba&!
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jumbo/Koiwai
Characters: Takeda Takashi (Jumbo), Koiwai
Additional Tags: Community: springkink

At any moment they could be faced with four green pigtails and hundreds of questions.

Akira Koiwai glanced at the living room door as Jumbo’s hand slid up his shirt.

“Stop worrying,” Jumbo murmured against his neck, his hand pushing Akira’s shirt higher up his chest. “Isn’t she out?”

“Just next door, but you know how she-“

Lips cut off the rest of his sentence, but they were both thinking the same thing. At any moment they could be faced with four green pigtails and hundreds of questions. Still, it was hard to worry when Jumbo’s tongue was tracing lines across the roof of his mouth. Akira shifted forward slightly in Jumbo’s lap. His arms settled around Jumbo’s neck and he forgot about watching the door.

A loud and sudden bang announced Yotsuba’s entrance into the room. They froze, both of their slack-jaw gazes trained on the little girl in the doorway.

“Whatcha’ doin’?”

Akira looked between Jumbo and his adopted daughter. How to explain? “Ah-um, y-you see-“

Jumbo leaned forward, almost tilting Akira off his lap. One large hand on Akira’s thigh kept him seated, though he might have preferred falling over at this point.

“You see, Yotsuba, Jumbo and your daddy are good friends.”

“Best friends!” Yotsuba chorused. Akira had the sinking feeling that Jumbo had said something to the girl before this.

“Better than best friends,” Jumbo continued. “We’re really close.”

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