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Wedding Bells (Here is Greenwood, Shinobu/Mitsuru)

Wedding Bells (868 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Koko wa Greenwood | Here is Greenwood
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shinobu/Mitsuru
Characters: Shinobu, Mitsuru
Additional Tags: Community: yaoi_challenge

The wedding wasn’t a complete disaster.

The wedding wasn’t a complete disaster. More accurately, it was a series of small disasters strung together and carefully hidden by a thin veil of deception. But the same description could be applied to many of the points in Shinobu’s life, which was probably why he was taking everything so much in stride. Well, not everything. Somehow his world had flipped backwards and it was Mitsuru’s brother, of all people, who was causing trouble while Nagisa was the one supporting them and trying to smooth everything over. He still hadn’t yet figured out how she found out about the wedding, since he certainly didn’t send any invitations to his family, but she’d been here almost as long as he had and had magically transformed into someone who actually cared.

Of course, her support was most likely largely due to the fact that, as he was marrying into Mitsuru’s family, he was also giving up his own and therefore no longer in the running for their family’s fortune. At least that’s what Shinobu told himself, because he really didn’t want to consider that his sister had actual familial affection for him, or that she had fallen pray to the ‘romantic moment’ that weddings seemed to create with women. That would be far too weird. Whatever the reason, she was making damned certain that nothing interfered with her brother’s wedding.

Between himself, Nagisa, and Mitsuru’s parents, they were able to keep Mitsuru’s younger brother mostly in check. The cake was salvaged with only a slight touch up of the frosting needed, the reception name cards were reordered in remarkable time, and they’d even managed to get the tuxes dry-cleaned in record time.

All of this with Mitsuru none the wiser, which is exactly the way Shinobu liked things. After years of dealing with Nagisa, Mitsuru’s brother was nothing. His threats were hardly original, and with Mitsuru’s parents keeping an eye on the boy for the rest of the day things seemed in the clear. He could almost imagine Nagisa tackling the boy if he tried to get in trouble again, and wouldn’t that be a wonderful sight to see. It would almost have been worth the huge juggling act the boy had put them all through just to see that.

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