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The Elves of Bethmoora (Hellboy, Nuada/Myers)

The Elves of Bethmoora (5792 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hellboy – All Media Types, Hellboy (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Myers/Nuada, Nuala/Abe Sapien
Characters: John Myers, Nuada (Hellboy), Nuala (Hellboy), Abe Sapien
Additional Tags: Yuletide

When John’s forced off active duty due to a broken arm, Abe takes John with him to Bethmoora – the city of the elves.

“Hellboy is trying to get me transferred to Antarctica,” John said as he walked into the library.

Abe glanced up at John. “Really?” He didn’t look at all surprised.

John frowned. He had been expecting more of a reaction from Abe. He’d been with the BPRD long enough to be pretty good at reading Abe’s facial expressions and there was definitely something Abe knew that he didn’t. “You knew?”

Abe waved a hand and spun around in his tank. “He may have mentioned the idea. But it was just an idea. I don’t think he’ll actually try to go through with it.”

“May have?” Before, he’d thought the transfer was just a joke Hellboy was trying to play but if Abe knew, then it was more than a joke. It wasn’t going to happen. Manning would make sure of that, if nothing more than just to piss Hellboy off by keeping John here, but the fact that Hellboy wanted him gone kind of stung. He’d thought they were becoming friends. “Is this about Liz again? Because I told him there’s nothing there. Liz knows there’s nothing there.”

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