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The Dress (Sorcerer Hunters, Gateau/Marron)

The Dress (1928 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bakuretsu Hunters | Sorcerer Hunters
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gateau/Marron
Characters: Gateau, Marron Glace
Additional Tags: Community: yaoi_challenge

It was more than just the dress.

Gateau was staring. This wasn’t entirely unusual, but at least in his normal clothes Marron didn’t feel so… exposed, and the way Gateau was staring wasn’t doing much to help ease his discomfort over his current form of dress. Not that this was the first time he’d been forced to dress like a girl but it had never been so risqué before. At least the plan had worked, which meant his efforts weren’t entirely for nothing. The bad sorcerer was caught, the villagers saved and everyone went home happy except for Marron.

He wanted to complain, to ask Carrot if he could hurry up so that they could get back to the inn faster so he could change. It was bad enough that he would have considered shucking the dress right there, but what he had on under the dress was worse than the dress.

The villagers were all looking at him, and he was fairly certain a number of them would have approached if it wasn’t for the large, burly man trailing Marron like a second shadow. His proximity suggested quite vocally to anyone outside of their little group that Marron was already taken, and that anyone who wanted him would have a fight on their hands – a fight that they had no chance of winning. Marron was willing to let the villagers continue to think that way, if only because it kept him from explaining that he was actually a guy wearing a dress, which only made the situation more awkward considering there were two real women traveling with them and it was a very long story as to why Marron had to be the bait instead of Tira or Chocolate.

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