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Tension (Junjou Egoist, Nowaki/Hiroki)

Tension (1879 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Junjou Romantica
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nowaki/Hiroki
Additional Tags: Community: springkink

Nowaki helps Hiroki unwind after finals week.

Hiroki’s face hit the pillow with a resounding thwack. “Uuuuugh. I think I’m going to sleep for a week.”

Shuffling feet near the doorway signaled Nowaki’s approach from the kitchen. Even with his eyes closed, he knew there was a sappy, sweet smile on Nowaki’s face as he stood there in an apron. There was a faint sound of rustling cloth. Nowaki was probably drying his hands off with a hand towel after doing the dishes.

“Finished grading finals?”

The low groan Hiroki let out was his only answer. Nowaki would understand. He heard Nowaki put down the towel and then shuffle closer. God, the bed was comfy. Hiroki wrapped his arms around the pillow and kept his face buried. He was physically exhausted but his mind had yet to wind down from all the mental activity. His hand felt empty without a red pen in it.

The bed dipped as Nowaki sat next to him, forcing his body to slide a little bit closer. Not that he minded. He’d been so busy grading not only his own classes, but part of Miyagi’s as well. That bastard owed him big time. Hiroki felt like he hadn’t been home in weeks, though it’d only been a few days worth of grading and he had been home long enough to pass out a couple times.

A hand settled on the small of his back. He could feel the warmth of it through his shirt, radiating comfort that seemed to chase the tenseness from his muscles. The hand moved up along his spine, and then back down. Hiroki slowly melted against the bed. His body stirred despite his exhaustion. It’d been a while for Nowaki as well and he couldn’t really blame him for wanting to touch him, but at the same time he didn’t feel like he could meet their usual standard.

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