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Susception (Inception, Eames/Arthur)

Susception (1910 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Characters: Eames (Inception), Arthur (Inception)
Additional Tags: Community: kink_bingo
Series: Part 5 of Acclimation

It’s a nice change for Arthur to not have to worry about where his next paycheck is coming from and who’s trying to kill him.

It’s a nice change for Arthur to not have to worry about where his next paycheck is coming from and who’s trying to kill him. Cobb is back in America, with his kids. Saitou has offered him a room in a private hotel in Kyoto and Arthur isn’t one to turn down free luxury, especially if there’s the chance for solitude with it. He’s impressed by the space between rooms on his floor. His room is at the far end of the hall, which means he won’t have to worry about noises from people coming and going from their rooms. He opens the door and stops in surprise as Eames smiles at him from across the room.

For a moment, he wonders if Eames followed him but it’s reasonable to assume that if Saitou offered him a room, then he also offered Eames one as well. Arthur steps outside and triple checks the room number. It’s right. His key opened the door, and as much as Eames would want to, he isn’t the type to break into Arthur’s room. Suddenly Arthur realizes just how much Saitou had picked up on when he’d been working with their team. His face turns beet red, which only makes Eames smile wider.

“I take back any nice thing I ever said about Saitou,” Arthur grumbles as he drops his suitcase by the door.

“You don’t mean that, pet.” Eames slides the drawer shut and crosses the room to slide Arthur’s coat off and hang it in the closet, next to Eames’s.

“I might.” He’s not quite ready to get over the feeling of betrayal, though he’s not really mad at Saitou. More flustered, especially when his eyes fix on the large four-post bed, the only bed in their suite. More details filter in and he curses as he realizes that they’re in a honeymoon suite – large bed, large tub, mood lighting, roses. That also accounts for the low number of rooms on this floor, and the privacy. He curses twice more for good measure, which only makes Eames laugh more.

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