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Surprise Gifts (Junjou Egoist, Nowaki/Hiroki)

Surprise Gifts (1957 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Junjou Romantica, Junjou Egoist
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nowaki/Hiroki
Characters: Kusama Nowaki, Kamijou Hiroki
Additional Tags: Community: springkink, Sex Toys

Nowaki buys a special surprise gift for Hiroki.

Hiroki stared curiously at the package in his hands, addressed to Nowaki from someone whose name Hiroki didn’t recognize in a southern prefecture. It wasn’t an overly large package, reminding him of the types of boxes hardcover books came in. He dug out his keys as he reached his apartment door.

“Nowaki!” The smell of garlic filled the apartment, assaulting Hiroki’s senses in a pleasant way as he walked in.

“Welcome home, Hiroki-san.” Nowaki smiled at him from the kitchen, skillet in hand and a rather girly-looking apron around his waist.

Hiroki grumbled a vague reply as he locked the door behind him. He dropped the mail on the island that separated the kitchen and living room. “You have a package.”

He moved around the room, shedding coat, bag, wallet, keys, and cellphone on his way to the bedroom. When he emerged, he’d shed most of his schoolteacher attire in favor of more comfortable wear. Nowaki hadn’t set the table yet, so he moved around his lover to gather plates and silverware. An arm around his waist stopped him before he could move towards the table. Hiroki felt obliging today, so he leaned his head back to meet Nowaki’s kiss without protest.

Nowaki was smiling at him when they parted, a wide, content smile that always served to remind Hiroki why he gave in to Nowaki’s advances more often than not.

“It’ll be a few minutes until dinner is ready,” Nowaki said. His hand lingered around Hiroki’s waist until he finally pulled away to put the dishes down.

Hiroki grabbed his book from where it sat, waiting, on the arm of the couch and flopped down along the length of the cushions to read. His curiosity over the contents of Nowaki’s package was forgotten as he lost himself in his book, and by the time Nowaki called him to dinner, it had disappeared from the counter.

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One Reply to “Surprise Gifts (Junjou Egoist, Nowaki/Hiroki)”

  1. kyaaa~!! another junjou egoist fic~!!! haha~!! I looove the fics here~!! I like the way nowaki damages hiroki’s pride~!! just like in ‘bound’~!!!

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