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Seasalt Dreams (Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Roxas)

Seasalt Dreams (1118 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Axel/Roxas
Characters: Axel (Kingdom Hearts), Roxas
Additional Tags: Community: slashfest, Alternate Universe

Axel and Roxas find each other years later.

Axel wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new kids in his class. Sora’s cousin, Roxas, arrived on the same day as Kairi’s new step-sister, Namine. It was far too freaky for him to believe it mere coincidence. He’d thought, after ignoring the actual subject matter of his first class in favor of staring at the newbies, that they were from the same school previously. Now that would have been one hell of a coincidence there. But Roxas and Namine were from different islands, each on opposite ends of the archipelago.

It made sense, he finally reasoned, that the two newbies would stick together. Shared experiences and all that psycho-babble. In chemistry lab they were automatically paired together since everyone else was already had a partner they were used to. Roxas and Namine, the new famous duo of the school.

Coincidence aside, Axel did have to admit that Namine and Roxas did make a rather striking pair – both were fair-haired, pretty in a very girly way, and quiet. At least they were quiet when the rest of the class would leave them alone. Kinda funny that the girl was the leader of the pair – though not surprising considering who she was now living with.

There was a whole five seconds where Axel thought those two were going to hook up – Roxas and Namine that is, not Kairi and Namine, though he’d pay good money to see either – and wouldn’t that have made family reunions funny with Sora dating Kairi (and Riku but he doubted their families knew about that) and Roxas with Namine. But then Namine caught Axel watching them and she smiled – like she knew.

It didn’t take him long to figure out that she really did know – about Axel and Roxas and a whole lot more that she wasn’t letting on. Thankfully, whatever it was she knew, she kept to herself.

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