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New Horizons (Grimm, Nick/Monroe/Juliette)

New Horizons (18352 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Grimm (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Nick Burkhardt/Monroe, Nick Burkhardt/Juliette Silverton, Nick Burkhardt/Monroe/Juliette Silverton
Characters: Nick Burkhardt, Monroe (Grimm), Hank Griffin, Juliette Silverton
Additional Tags: Dubious Consent, Knotting, Mpreg, Community: grimm_exchange, Pegging, Case Fic, Threesome – F/M/M

Nick’s latest series of cases has unexpected consequences, not just for himself but for Monroe and Juliette as well. A local Wesen has been breeding flowers that have strange effects on Grimm and Wesen and a kidnapper is on the loose and after the child he missed.

Nick frowned as Hank pulled into the parking lot of Armin’s Greenhouse and parked between Monroe’s unmistakable yellow Volkswagen and a white delivery van. He stared at the Volkswagen, as if its sunny exterior would offer up some explanation for its – and by extension, Monroe’s – presence. It didn’t. He glanced at the interior as he got out of Hank’s car, but that didn’t offer any clues either.
“Something wrong?” Hank asked.

Nick glanced at Hank and then back at the Volkswagen. He shook his head. “Monroe’s here.”

“Monroe?” There was no recognition on Hank’s face. It was probably better that he didn’t remember. The less crossover between his life as a cop and his life as a Grimm, the better.

“The watchmaker consultant. From the Stark case.”

“Oh, right.” Hank squinted at the building. It looked like a normal enough shop. The front half was a large greenhouse with opaque blue glass. There was a large, sprawling house attached to the rear of the shop, presumably belonging to the owner. “Did you call him?”

“No. I didn’t.” That was the worrisome part. They had two dead women, no sign of how they died, and no connection between them aside from this shop. The shop was located on the outskirts of town, off of an easily-overlooked side road. There were no other businesses or residences within easy walking distance. The entire place was surrounded by thick forest. It seemed like the perfect setup for a Wesen front, which made him think Monroe’s presence wasn’t a coincidence.

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