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Finding the Way Home (Psych, Lassiter/Shawn)

Finding the Way Home (3009 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Psych
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer
Characters: Carlton Lassiter, Shawn Spencer
Additional Tags: Apocalypse, Community: apocalyptothon

After Santa Barbara is destroyed, Shawn and Lassiter try to find a safe place.

The Santa Barbara Police Station fell silent in the wake a thunderous boom, so loud that the walls shook. Maybe it wasn’t just the sound, Shawn mentally revised. The walls continued to shake even as the noise faded. A second boom echoed in the distance, followed by another. The windows rattled and for a second he thought they were going to break. He shifted away from them, towards the center of the room.

“-path of a meteor shower.”

Shawn turned, along with all the others in the room, to the television as it flickered to life. The screen was half-blurred with static, and the sound faded in and out. It was a local station, though he wasn’t sure which one.

“We have reports… cities destroyed… Los Angeles… Those in the area… danger… tsunami. Citizens are advised… shelter. This… worldwide. It-“

The station was plunged into darkness. He could hear people moving, drawers opening and closing. Small beams of light cut through the darkness. Shawn glanced to his right at Lassiter. The detective stood close by, flashlight in hand. Their gazes met. Lassiter took a step closer.

“People!” Chief Vick’s voice cut through the room. “Downstairs, now.”

They all jumped to her command. No one pushed, no one ran, but they all filed downstairs as fast as possible. Shawn spared a backwards glance as he reached the stairs. Vick waited at the top, most likely intending to be the last person down. They walked one by one into the cells, siting in lines along the floor.

The booms got louder, closer, until that was all Shawn could here. All but one of the flashlights were turned out. Shawn closed his eyes and went through the blueprint of the building in his head, over and over again, trying to think of any place more structurally sound than where they already were.

A hand closed over Shawn’s. He kept his eyes closed, and stopped thinking.

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