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And the Waves Taketh (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gen)

And the Waves Taketh (1253 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Jack Sparrow, James Norrington, Tia Dalma, Will Turner
Additional Tags: Community: apocalyptothon, Apocalypse

Jack ensures that there will always be pirates in the world.

The world sounded strange in the sudden calm. Norrington almost missed the feel of rain against his face. It felt like days, weeks even, since he’d seen clear skies free of dark clouds and torrential rains but he knew, by the lack of rumbling in his gut if nothing else, that the storm had lasted hours at the most. Not many hours at that, since the sun was shining just above the horizon. It had just set when the storm had started.

It shouldn’t be possible for so much to change overnight.

Captain Jack Sparrow stood in the same spot, as he had for the entirety of the storm – either his own shock or the magic on the wooden box open in his hands keeping him in place despite the harsh rocking of the ship. The Black Pearl still swayed drunkenly, heaving dangerously from side to side. It had been doing much worse minutes ago.

He was glad that he wasn’t prone to sea sickness. The ship reeked enough without his own contribution, and it was a bad of pride – as if pride really meant anything at this point – that he was one of the few that hadn’t vomited.

One of the ropes swung slowly across deck and at first, he thought they were about to be tossed again but it was just Will Turner, the first to break the stillness of the crew, releasing the tether he’d clung to throughout the storm. Will stared out at the ocean, emotion heavy on his face. Norrington could empathize with the blacksmith’s thoughts – he felt the blacksmith’s loss as well. It was almost an insult to his own character that out of all those on the ship, Will was the one he empathized most with. But, given the choice between his former rival-in-love and a group of pirates, it was hardly surprising.

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