Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Draco’s been on five dates with Harry Potter and there’s something with Harry that keeps him from going past kissing.

Harry goes missing during an investigation. Draco and Severus team up to search for him.

Sometimes Harry needed a reminder of that, despite everything Voldemort had thrown at him, he had survived.

Harry invites Draco to stay with Harry and Snape, but Draco has reservations about intruding on the couple’s life.

Harry has returned to Hogwarts as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Snape helps him find the life he lost when he died fighting Voldemort.

Harry joins a D&D game run by the bastardy GM Snape. Slash ensues.

Harry isn’t quite sure why he’s in a relationship with Draco.

Hogwarts employs a new Arithmancy teacher and a Potion Master watches fascinated.

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