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If you’ve looked at my fiction, both fanfiction and otherwise, you may have noticed that the vast majority of things I write are for other people. I don’t know why, but I’m way more likely to write something if it’s for someone elseā€”if I know it’s something someone wants. I’ve been debating opening up to prompts, it’s just been a question of where since Twitter and Tumblr don’t have very good history features and LiveJournal is pretty much dead.

So, here we are. My prompt page. Open to all.


  1. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to fulfill every prompt, nor do I promise to do anything in a timely manner. Consider this a wishlist of things for me to write, so that when I go “what should I write next,” this is top of mind.
  2. Prompts can be for fanfic, original fiction, or even sequels/additions to previously posted/published works.
  3. There are fandoms and pairings that just don’t interest me. If it’s something I’ve written or rec’d, there’s a good chance I’m interested. If it’s outside of those realms but you want it, ask anyways. The worst thing that will happen is I’ll say “no, that’s not my cup of tea”. Or it could be “I don’t know the source, but once I have a chance to check it out, I’ll get back to you.”
  4. If you’re picky about who’s top and who’s bottom (like I am), specify. I generally only write Stiles and Xander as bottoms.
  5. I have very few hard limits of things I won’t write. Everything else is fair game.
    1. No drugs, recreational or otherwise.
    2. No people dying of cancer.
    3. No bodily fluids (scat and golden showers primarily).
    4. No sex with characters younger than 16.
  6. No character bashing.
  7. I reserve the right to add more rules in the future.

Now that that’s over, feel free to comment with anything you want.

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  1. Prompt: Spy AU Matsuoka Rin X Nanase Haruka from Free!. Reversible pairing will make me extra happy, but if you want either to be the dominant one, I’m not picky. Near-death situation(s) will be a plus. I prefer Rin and Haru to come from two rivaling spy organizations and compete to accomplish the same mission. Or they can be in a totally opposite mission, as in one is assigned to protect, while the other should destroy. Your decision. Many thanks.

  2. Prompt: Original Fiction – A small family of Werefox and their Omega male son move into Werewolf Territory. The Omega Werefox is bullied by the Werewolves. The Werewolves ‘gift’ the Omega werefox (without the families consent) to a rival Werewolf pack for a peace treaty, Trade possibilities and a few of the rival packs’ Omega Werewolves for breeding. Will the rival pack be any different for the Omega Werefox or do they just want to pump a Werefox full of Werewolf/Werefox pups/Kits…

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