1. Hi,

    I read this before, but saw you’ve got a sequel, so decided to re-read this one first to remind myself of what happened.

    It was just as much fun second time around. I liked Shawn’s reaction to his new psychic powers, how he tried to ignore them at first and was freaked out, but then gradually acepted them and used them to solve the crime.

    I also liked Lassie’s reaction- his usual septicism slowly fading until he truly believed Shawn. Of course, his honesty about his previous ‘visions’ helped there. It also helped with their relationship… very hot first time, even if it was over pretty quickly. Hopefully there will e more of that in the sequel ;).


  2. Wow! That was outstanding. I love psy!Shawn fics and this got rec’d to me over at the psych_slash LJ comm. I’m stuck on jury duty for another week, but if I’ve got a stack of fics like this then life is good!
    Thank you!

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