Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Stiles thinks that being the only bottom in a threesome is kind of like playing flappy bird: It’s a little scary at first, but once you take that first pipe, it’s good.

Stiles walks in on Derek and Braeden making out, but it isn’t as bad as it seems.

Stiles washes up on the shore of Hale amidst a feud between Duke Derek and Lady Allison.

Stiles doesn’t want to die in a basement. No one is going to die in the Argent’s basement, not if he can help it.

Soot still clings to Stiles’s clothes from the cellar his wicked stepfather had trapped him in for daring to go to the ball.

Sheriff Stilinski receives a call at the station.

Derek receives a series of phone calls while Stiles is away at college.

When Laura Hale dies in a car crash, her heart ends up in Stiles Stilinski. Stiles can’t help but look up the family of his supposedly anonymous donor, which gets more complicated when he starts dreaming about the dead woman who gave him his heart.

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