Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

M/Trans. Shade is used to attracting attention, whether as a male or a female, but there’s only one person remotely resistant to her/his charms.

M/M. Honor leads to betrayal, betrayal to death, and the cycle continues anew. Gawain’s love for Bertilak isn’t enough to save him from the Green Knight’s ax, but they have more than one lifetime to try.

M/M. Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cinder who lived as a servant for his wicked stepmother and his cruel stepbrothers.

M/M. Talor came to Aurora for revenge – revenge on the man who stole his money and revenge on his half-brother.

M/M. An experiment goes awry, making Edwin hallucinate about a strange man with snakes.

M/M. Elijah Ember has spent most of his life avoiding the war brewing around him.

M/M. When the private investigator sent to check on his brother returns his check and won’t answer calls, Brian returns home to find a strange man that can change shapes has taken his place.

M/M. After the prince is thrown from the tower and killed, Rapunzel is left with child. Her son is taken away to live in the tower as Rapunzel’s replacement, until a young lord comes to rescue him.

M/M. Fuyuki is a courtesan at the House of Falling Leaves. One night he wakes to find Death walking the halls.

M/M. He turned around, glanced over his shoulder at the lonely figure that he’d just passed. He looked at the man leaning against the railing, staring into the dark gray water that churned far below them. He stared at a handsome face that shouldn’t hold so much sorrow. He knew what was happening, what was going to happen if things were left alone.

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