Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Jin/Katsuki. Katsuki runs afoul of a guest with bad intentions. Jin saves him.

Kakashi/Iruka. Iruka has lost his kitsune. His search takes him to Beacon Hills where he receives a less-than-warm welcome.

Derek/Stiles. Stiles is used as a virgin sacrifice for the Nemeton, but his death is only the beginning.

Derek bites Stiles to save his life but the bite doesn’t take as expected.

Gerard kills Stiles in the basement of the Argent house while Erica and Boyd watch. Things just aren’t the same after that.

John is confused when tooth fairies bow to him and it only gets stranger from there.

Stiles isn’t looking to be chosen but then Derek Hale comes along and picks him anyways.

Exhumation is a slow process. It reminds R of farming, something that he remembers mostly from borrowed memories. They till the earth and plant the seeds. Some come up and grow and become a part of life again. Others lie fallow, obstinately refusing to change from the seed they are.

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