Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Kakashi’s been hounding Iruka for a date for months. When Iruka finally gives in, it’s not what Kakashi expected.

Someone from Iruka’s past comes back to haunt him. Can Kakashi save him in time?

Iruka’s never known a life outside of the Scarlet Lantern until enemies of Kakashi kidnap him to use as leverage against the powerful jounin. Unfortunately for them, Iruka isn’t as powerless as he thinks he is.

Iruka needs a little relief, but there’s only one place he can go to get it.

Iruka opens the door expecting to find yet another assassin. He gets Kakashi instead

Kakashi comes home early and discovers a secret Iruka’s been keeping from him.

There is a secret in Konoha, one the children must never know.

Iruka rescues Kakashi on the way home from a mission, and then needs rescuing in return.

Iruka’s last mission left two team members dead and the guilt from their deaths is slowly destroying him. Kakashi views his attraction to Iruka unhealthy and must decide between giving in to his feelings or letting Iruka fall prey to his guilt.

Under Council orders, Kakashi must produce a heir to his bloodline.

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