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Those Left Behind

Those Left Behind (6265 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Community: smut_fest, Sibling Incest, Fae & Fairies, Child Abuse

When the private investigator sent to check on his brother returns his check and won’t answer calls, Brian returns home to find a strange man that can change shapes has taken his place.

The farmhouse was scarred by age. Yellow paint had peeled off in huge chunks across the front of the house. One of the shutters was missing and another hung from a corner. There was a head-sized hole in the bottom of the screen door. His father’s green pickup was conspicuously absent, its lack dispelling a large portion of Brian’s nervousness.

He parked in the grass near the front door and left the keys in the ignition, just in case. No one answered when he knocked. The door was unlocked. As soon as he stepped into the front hallway, he knew that his mother was gone. All the feminine touches that had once graced the entranceway were missing. There were only men’s coats hanging by the door, only men’s shoes. The antique vase her grandmother had left her was absent from the small table halfway down the hall. There were only discolored patches on the brown and green floral wallpaper where pictures of distant relatives in dollar store frames used to hang. There were no cat toys piled by the door, tossed aside before the cat could take them outside with him.

His hand lingered on the doorframe, clinging to the vestiges of the outside world. Memories he’d spent years burying resurfaced. It was like he’d never left, like the past decade had been erased. Suddenly the hallway seemed too small. The very air inside the house was suffocating and he turned, started to walk out to the porch to catch his breath.

Footsteps on the stairs stopped him. They pounded down fast, then slowed halfway as a vaguely familiar face appeared. The boy on the stairs was in his late teens, with messy sandy blonde hair and an athlete’s build. He wore an old red tank top that was stained in several places and a pair of black shorts. He came to a stop a few steps from the bottom and stared at Brian with a confused expression.

Brian turned in the doorway, one foot out of the house. “Hi.”

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One Reply to “Those Left Behind”

  1. Very wonderful. I wondered if Daniel and Brian would come together in such a way. I do wonder why Daniel escaped the father’s wrath. I feel like there’s more to the story that we don’t get to see because we’re bound to Brian’s POV. I was confused at the end, wondering what was real, if there ever was a PI and a city life.

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