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Beyond the Glass

Even watching him felt like being a voyeur. Perhaps it was because when he normally saw the young man, he was a voyeur and that experience tainted his mind so that it was hard for him to not picture the young man displayed naked in front of him. If he closed his eyes he could see the pale, thin form moving before him in a slow and sensuous dance. He could watch behind his eyelids as the young man ran his hands over himself in ways that could make his pants tighten and his pulse race. The dancer always reminded him of one thing.

Angel was sex. Or at least he was as far as Kevin O’Briant was concerned. Angel was his god of glass booths and folded twenties. He was the image Kevin concentrated on when he was in bed with his wife. Kevin sat behind the glass pane more often than he sat on a pew, paid more attention to undulating dance than the most fervent fire-and-brimstone sermon. In the religion of peep shows, Kevin was Angel’s most ardent worshiper.

It was that religious fervor that drove Kevin to stand up and cross the loosely packed restaurant, weaving between the scattered booths with a single-minded determination. The thought that he might be mistaken, that this might be a different young man, never crossed his mind. He knew Angel’s body better than he knew his children’s names or his stock portfolio, even if he’d never actually touched the dancer.

Kevin was rooted in place as he halted beside the young man’s table. His eyes fixed on Angel, and he felt like there was an invisible pane of glass stretching between them. He stood there for several minutes before the young man finally noticed his presence. Brushing a long strand of platinum hair out of his face, Angel looked up at Kevin. For a moment, he seemed confused, his eyes taking in the man in front of him. Perfectly creased suit, slicked back hair, necktie chosen because its color was supposed to impress that Kevin wasn’t a person to be crossed. Kevin looked like he’d just stepped out of an executive meeting and it was obvious on Angel’s face that he had no clue what a high-class business man would want with him.

And then recognition flashed across the young man’s face so quick Kevin would have missed it if he hadn’t been openly staring. Angel’s expression immediately turned coy, bedroom smile slipping on his lips as he looked up at the man he only knew as his best customer and waited.

“How much for the night?”

“Depends how much of it.”

“All of it.”

A single breath passed between them as Angel thought. “$10,000.”

“Done.” There was no hesitation in Kevin’s answer. He pulled out his checkbook and scribbled a quick draft. Tearing out the paper, he handed it to the young man.

If Angel was surprised, he hid it well. One quick glance between the check and the man before him, then Angel was standing. The check was delicately folded and placed inside a slim, unadorned wallet. A twenty was carelessly thrown on the table next to Angel’s half-finished meal and then they were striding down the street towards a hotel Kevin was familiar with. He handed the receptionist his credit card, paid for the night up front. She handed him a key. Then, they were walking again in silence. Neither had said a word since they’d left the restaurant, their actions completely detached from what they were about to do.

The door was locked behind them, key tucked into the pocket of Kevin’s jacket after he’d hung it by the door. Angel stood in the center of the tackily decorated room, two steps away from the large bed. One hand settled lightly on a delicate hip, his posture loose as he waited for Kevin’s command.

“Take off your clothes.” His last words for the rest of the night.

He stood patiently in the entrance hallway, watching attentively as Angel slowly removed his clothing. The way he moved was like a dance, and Kevin wasn’t sure if it was a conscious effort or merely an ingrained habit from years of working at a strip club. Layers of fabric peeled away to leave Angel nude before him, his eyes once more rising in question as the last piece of clothing fluttered to the ground.

Finally, Kevin stepped forward until he was in front of Angel. He wanted so badly to touch, to caress every part of the man and imprint the feel of Angel’s body into his skin. Eyes roving hungrily over flesh bared before him, Kevin kept his hands still. In his mind, the invisible pane of glass still separated them. The thought of being able to touch seemed too unreal for his brain to process but his hands rose regardless and settled on Angel’s shoulders. Contact sent a jolt of fire along his nerves, burning through his veins, and suddenly it was real. No longer a fantasy, but a solid fact.

He let his hands rest on Angel’s shoulders for a minute, memorizing the feel of soft skin under his still hands. Then he pushed down and Angel sunk to his knees in front of Kevin. Without prompting Angel reached forward and undid the zipper of Kevin’s pants with graceful hands. He didn’t make a sound as Angel slipped his erection out of his suit pants, but his eyes remained fixed in a solid stare as crimson lips parted. Long fingers wrapped around him as Angel moved his lips forward, warm breath ghosting tantalizingly over his skin as Angel leaned closer. He was tempted to halt the dancer there, keep him poised millimeters away from touching so that he could savor the tantalizing want that it caused, but Angel was already sliding effortlessly forward as he took Kevin into his mouth.

The warm wetness that engulfed him was so much better than his wife that it was beyond comparison. He didn’t moan or sigh as Angel began to bob his head. His hands remained motionless and relaxed on Angel’s shoulders as the young man slowly built up a sensuous rhythm, his hands and his tongue working together to provided maddening friction. Fire pooled in Kevin’s groin but his hips remained still as Angel sucked and swallowed. He did, however, let a small smirk creep to his lips as Angel brought him to a fierce but silent orgasm, and maybe his eyes grew a bit possessive as Angel drew back with cum dripping from his lips to look up at him with a question in his eyes.

When the sun rose the next morning, Kevin’s suit was no longer crisply pressed. Only a hot iron would straighten the wrinkles caused by wearing it all night, and at this point Kevin would be further ahead just to buy a new one on his way to work. The smell of sex permeated everything in the room. It surrounded him and he reveled in it. He imagined the smell had seep into his skin so far that no amount of bathing would remove it. In his mind, he’d never be rid of the smell and the taste and the feel of this night.

Straightening his necktie, which had gone loose without him noticing, he glanced at the naked figure passed out face down on the bed. The covers pooled on the floor at the foot of the bed. The bedspread no longer covered the exposed mattress. Tangled hair covered the dancer’s face where it was buried in a pillow. Angel’s legs were spread wide still, one foot tangled in the sheets, the other dangling half off the bed. White flakes covered his thighs and the sheets around them, a wet pool of it underneath him. His skin was a patchwork of bite marks and light bruises.

Last night, Angel had screamed. His god had begged, moaned, cried, and panted for more. He’d gone mad like a beast in heat, any sense of professionalism lost as he drowned in the feelings Kevin forced upon him. And while his god went mad Kevin had remained the silent worshiper, paying homage in deep thrusts and hard touches. Towards the end, as the sky had been touched with the barest hints of coming dawn and Angel had started to loose himself in exhaustion, Kevin had slipped a bit. He caught himself once with a moan half-vocalized as he orgasmed deep inside Angel’s body and he couldn’t be sure if there had been any other compromises to his silent stoicism. The lapse of control was justifiable as the entire night focused crystal clear in his memory, to be remembered for the passion and feelings that had been stirred inside of him.

With one final lingering look at Angel’s naked form, Kevin walked out the door.

The feel of his god was forever burned into his skin.

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