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Take Me Home (Love Mode, Jin/Katsuki)

Take Me Home (3018 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Love Mode
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Jinnai Kuniaki/Katsuki Kyousuke
Additional Tags: Aphrodisiacs, Sex Toys, Non-Graphic Rape/Non-Con, Hurt/Comfort, Rescue

Katsuki runs afoul of a guest with bad intentions. Jin saves him.

Katsuki is distracted. No one blames him, at least as long as his work’s done. It’s no secret that he and Jinnai are vaguely a thing. Well, to be more precise, Katsuki is madly in love with Jin and Jin tolerates him sometimes. His coworkers pity him. He’s fallen into the host trap. Everyone in the industry knows not to fall for a host, but in Katsuki’s defense, he’d fallen for Jin before he’d known that Jin was a host. He’d just… love at first sight seems so cliché. Jin gets under his skin like no one can and he savors the brief times they can be together.

Katsuki’s manager has him on light duty today. Jinnai gets back this evening, and even thought Katsuki knows he won’t likely see Jin for another day or two, he still hopes.

“Last run of the evening,” Iwaki says. He hands Katsuki a wrapped box and a pack of cigarettes. “Room 2314.”

Katsuki can’t help but grin. Jin’s going to be here soon. Would it be too pathetic to wait outside Jin’s room? “Thanks.” He takes the packages and heads to the service elevator.

He’s found that he likes being a page boy. It feels good working here. He likes his coworkers. He’s friendly with most of the hosts. He runs into Seiichi a lot, who humors him with drinks at Touma’s whenever Jin is away… or when Jin is being mean. He’s even caught glimpses of the real owner, though he can’t help but blush every time he sees the owner’s brother.

Katsuki finds himself humming along with the elevator music. He forces himself to stop as soon as he reaches the twenty-third floor. He rolls his shoulders and stands a little straighter, forcing his expression into a polite-but-neutral mask. A portly older man answers the door when Katsuki knocks. He’s wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and Katsuki instantly wants to burn the image from his brain.

“Over there, please.” The man steps aside and points towards the bed.

Katsuki holds back a shudder. The room smells like sex. He pities whatever host had to service this old fart. At least the room’s nice. It’s one of the moderate sized suites, with a small living room and a nice view out over the city. There are two champagne glasses sitting out, suggesting that whatever activities the man has planned for the evening aren’t over yet.

He sets the box and the cigarettes on the bedside table. When he turns around, the man is right behind him, holding out one of the glasses. “Taste this for me. It seems flat.”

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