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Reading Between the Words (Bukiyou na Silent, Tamiya/Toono)

Reading Between the Words (923 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bukiyou na Silent
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tamiya/Toono
Additional Tags: Romance, Community: yaoi_challenge

Tamiya thought he could read Toono fairly well.

Tamiya thought he could read Toono fairly well, or at least better than anyone else they knew except maybe Toono’s family – though even they seemed to have a bit of trouble sometimes. Still, his boyfriend’s lack of expression didn’t come without a few problems and Tamiya was learning that it wasn’t so much that he could read Toono’s expressions from the few subtle shifts in his facial features, but that he was really just making very good guesses at what Toono’s expression meant based on minute clues and his own interpretation.

Like he said, he was good at it, but it was also really hard sometimes and he thought, maybe, he was guessing wrong. Like, for example, when they were having sex. He didn’t have a whole lot to compare to, but he thought that Toono was into it. Not really into it, or at least that’s not what his expression said, but he thought that Toono was enjoying himself. Or at least he hoped, which is where the whole guessing problem came into play because he wasn’t quite sure if Toono really was enjoying it or if Tamiya just wanted Toono to be enjoying it and therefore pretended he was.

Toono had been making comments about wanting to have sex, extremely veiled comments that required a degree in Toono translating to decipher, accompanied with a lot of shuffling and blushing that completely destroyed the secrecy Toono was trying to build up with his discrete wording. So, Toono wanted it, or at least thought he wanted it, but Tamiya had this horrid fear that he wasn’t living up to the expectation. Toono showed so little expression that it was hard to tell if he was gasping in pain or in pleasure.

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