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Unveiled (Bleach, Gin/Kira)

Graphic Content Unveiled (2419 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Gin/Kira
Characters: Ichimaru Gin, Kira Izuru
Additional Tags: BDSM

Gin helps Kira home after a night of drinking.

The wall, Kira decided suddenly, was his new best friend. He leaned heavily on the wood paneling while he waited for the hallway to stop spinning. The hallway didn’t seem to want to cooperate. It was possible, he thought, that he shouldn’t have let Renji talk him into ‘just one more’ considering one more turned into twelve more. Or maybe it was thirteen. He may have lost count at some point.

“Good evening, Kira-kun.”

If he were less drunk and someone else were speaking, he may have taken offense to the informal way he was being addressed. Instead, he blushed furiously. He knew that tone far too well, though his actual interactions with the man had so far been limited to formal ceremonies. Obviously, now, when he had questionable control over his balance and impulses, was the perfect time for his long-standing crush on Gin to horribly assert itself.

“Hi,” Kira said slowly, not trusting himself to say anything more than that. He turned to face Lieutenant-Captain Gin, his back flat against the wall. There was more he should be saying, more formalities that he should be following, but the words escaped him.

Gin smiled widely at him. “Comfortable?”

“Not really.” The wall was hard and somewhat slippery. Every few minutes he started to slide down it.

“Would you like assistance?” Gin’s smile stretched slightly wider as he spoke.

Kira thought about that for a brief moment. He’d certainly done stupider things while drunk. “Okay.”

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  1. omg i love it could you do lesbian or male/female pairing please as well:) well in anycase contact me please you write rather nicely.

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