1. It was great to see these guys again and I loved the whole Shawn In Peril thing:)

  2. I started reading this and couldn’t stop. It’s really captivating. Excellent story. I loved it

  3. I did the most gleeful little dance EVER when I saw this pop up on LJ. Cockatiel is still one of my very favourites, and this MORE than lived up to the promise of the first. Loved, loved the Shawn/Lassiter relationship, and the developments to Shawn-as-police-thingy. Also, seriously. CUDDLES. o/

  4. A worthy continuation to a lovely first story. Perhaps the start of a series? *hopeful* Could benefit from a beta reader, and the switching between Carlton and Carl threw me right off (it doesn’t sound like a name Shawn would ever use for Lassiter, except maybe to annoy him). Otherwise, awesome. Very creepy bad guy. *shudder* More, please? 🙂

  5. I really liked this story and its predecessor. There aren’t enough stories out there where Shawn is a real pyschic…I love those. I really like this ‘verse you’ve created. I really hope you are planning on more stories in this storyline, and especially now that Shawn has those implements to try I’d really like to see how he ends up using them.
    Great, great stories.

  6. Great sequel.

    I liked all the angst, as Shawn dealt with his dreams of, and then actually living, his captivity.

    More angst on Lassie’s side as he dealt with all the dead-end leads and Henry guessing about him and Shawn.

    I’m glad he got to vent some of it on James and it was terribly satisfying when he so calmly informed James that he’d lost and Carlton knew where to find Shawn.

    Of course, it wasn’t all angst. I loved Shawn and Lassie’s relationship, how Shawn was a little more steady and Carlton a little more relaxed. And Shawn got his own desk at the precinct :). The only thing that didn’t ring quite true for me was Shawn using Carl instead of Carlton. Carly yes, but not Carl.

    That wasn’t a huge thing, though, certainly not enough to stop me enjoying the story.

    Will there be any more in this universe? I’d love to know whether Shawn finds any of his new psychic tools useful. Then there’s the dinner with Henry- bound to be awkward *g*. Plus, I’d like to know why and how Lassie stops Shawn hearing the spirits. No pressure ;).


  7. I can’t tell you how much I loved this. The Case of the Missing Cockatiel is one of my all time favourite Shawn/Lassiter fics but this was the icing on the cake.

    I was immediately drawn in, the case didn’t feel forced or contrived, the angst was torture (I may have been yelling at my computer for Lassie to save him and tearing up for shawn), the confrontation with Henry was brilliant. You handled this perfectly (especially the sex scenes which had me blushing and wishing for more).

    Thankyou for this. Please write more.

  8. You have NO IDEA how glad I was to see this!!! the Case of the Missing Cockatiel is my FAVORITE Shassie story EVER.

    This one was AMAZING!! I adored this story. I hope there will be more with Shawn learning to protect his mind a bit

  9. This is so good. Like, incredibly, wonderfully good. When I saw this I had to read the first story, and then this one, all in one sitting. I love this and you officially rock (I’m too impressed to be particularly articulate).

    Please write more Psych fic, pretty please?

  10. Alright, you managed to get me hooked to Shassie pairing. This story line is awesome. I just love how you portray a real psychic Shawn and the relationship he shares with Lassie.
    I hope we’ll get a sequel to this.

  11. I love this story! such wonderful case!fic, and I could totally see the whole real psychic part–Shawn and Carlton’s reactions to it. thanks for sharing

  12. This is THE best Psych-fic I have read in a long time. How Shawn’s psychic abilities came about and everyone’s reactions to them are very realistic. Looking forward to the next instalment, if there is going to be another one.

  13. Awesome story! I loved the Case of the Missing Cockatiel and the sequel is just as great! Well done! Hope to read more Shassie from you one day!

  14. Awsome. Completely and totally. It had everything and was believable to boot! This is going on my list of ‘fics I wanna see made real’.

  15. Thanks for giving me the link- I really enjoyed this fic. I love the idea of Shawn suddenly dealing with having real psychic abilities.

    Thanks for posting this fic!

  16. Just found out about the sequel. I love your next-reasonable-step to RealPsychic!Shawn. Makes me wonder how everyone is going to react to Shawn with his new trade tools (and *increasing* abilities).

  17. Loved The Case of the Missing Cockatiel. And looked forward to reading the sequel. It didn’t disappoint. Wish there was more, maybe there will be? I love the whole Shawn as really a psychic and especially how it came about. Please write some more of this. Please, please, please. (I’m not above begging.)

    1. Author

      Glad you liked it. ^_^ I’m planning on continuing the series as soon as I get a few other projects off my plate.

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