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At Ikebukuro Station (Tokyo Babylon, Seishirou/Subaru)

At Ikebukuro Station (1229 words) by gryvon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Modern Setting, Alternate Universe – No Powers, Winter, Alternate Universe – Different First Meeting, Meet-Cute

How their initial meeting might have gone in a different life…

“You look cold.”

Subaru jerks in surprise and blinks up at the taller man at his side. He smiles and runs a hand through his hair. “Oh, yeah, a bit.” He can’t help the self-deprecation that seeps into his voice. “I ran out without my winter gear. Again.”

The stranger smiles. It’s a nice smile, the kind of smile Subaru wouldn’t mind spending hours staring at. “Are you the forgetful type?”

He laughs. “I really am. My sister used to keep me in line but she moved in with her fiancĂ© so I’m slowly learning to take care of myself.” A blush spreads warmth through his chilled cheeks. “Not that I can’t, you know, take care of myself. I am a functioning adult.”

The stranger laughs. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t questioning that. Would you like to borrow my coat for a bit? At least until the train comes?”

Subaru shakes his head immediately, even as he shivers. He really needs to invest in a thicker coat. Winter never gets too bad in Tokyo, but he gets cold easily. “Oh, no, I couldn’t.”

The stranger sets down his satchel and shrugs out of his coat anyway. Subaru sputters protests but he can’t help smiling shyly at the stranger as the man’s coat settles around his shoulders. The other man is taller and broader in the shoulders. His coat seems to envelop Subaru in blissful warmth.

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