Gryvon – Writer of LGBTQ Erotic Fiction

Anime North Panel Schedule

Friday 5PM – Getting Into Yaoi
Friday 8PM – Torchwood
Friday 9PM – Lightbulbs & Corn: Strange Fetishes in Yaoi
Friday 10PM – Fangirl Logic

Saturday 11AM – Yaoi Novellas – NaNoWriMo and Big Bangs
Saturday 2PM – Beyond Yaoi
Saturday 7PM – Rise of the Kink

All panels are in the Collingwood room of the Sheraton hotel (formerly the Renaissance). Feel free to stop by and say hi. I’ll be the chick with purple and black hair, and a Staff badge that says ‘Gryvon’. (To make things all easy…)

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Anime North Panel Schedule Anime North's coming up next weekend! I'll be doing an unusually light number of panels this year - three for the Yaoi North track and one general writing panel. If you happen to be attending, stop by...

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